Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Changes, part 1

Hi. Yeah, I know ... it's been a while. You look good. Me? Well...

...I've been through some changes.

Before I start, let me just say these changes aren't life changing changes, they're just ... changes. Since I was last here I've qualified from the Open University with a First Class Honours (yeah baby, a First; check me out!), I've begun the journey to becoming a teacher, several of my heroes have died, I've written my next book...

...And I've started writing for tabletop games.

Baron von Fancyhat
One particular studio I'm working for is Goblin King Games, creators of the beautiful Moonstone. A fantasy skirmish game, Moonstone has recently been Kickstarted, and has completely changed my opinion on 3D sculpting. Previously I felt 3D sculpting produced very bland, characterless miniatures, but now, having seen Tom Lishman, Dave Kidd and Raul Tavares' bold and charismatic work for Moonstone, I'm a convert. The rulebook— written by Tom Greenway and Richi Paskell and featuring lavish illustrations by Micah Epstein— will be published soon. Said rulebook not only promises to be a thing of beauty, but will also contain fiction by your truly. If you'd like a wee preview, here's The Ballad of Baron von Fancy Hat. You're welcome.

Shabaroom, one of Moonstone's less lucid denizens.

Oh, and that Myasthenia Gravis I'd been wrestling with since 2002? It's gone into remission. so, yeah, like I said, I've been through some changes. And on reflection? Maybe I was wrong...

...Beating Myasthenia Gravis? That's pretty life changing, not least because I know that if I can beat that, I can beat anything. So look out world ... 'cos you ain't seen nothing yet.

A Gaggle of No-Good Goblins

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