Friday, 21 October 2011

I Remember Now

Um. Hi.

I'm sorry if this all sounds a little vague, but I don't quite remember what this entry is supposed to be about. I know it had something to do with release of issue #18 of the award winning Murky Depths magazine. I'm also pretty sure I wanted to mention the fact you can get this latest issue and any other of your choice for only £10.00 (that's right. £10.00. Bargain!)

But there must have been another reason. I mean, let's face it, every other entry on this blog exists so I can blow my own trumpet. Why would this post be any different? Maybe issue #18's contents list contains some clues. Let's see...

Oh! What's this? It contains a 4 page steampunk comic entitled I Don't Remember, as written by myself and drawn by artist Dylan Williams? Ahhh! Now I remember. That's what I wanted to say:-

Issue #18 of Murky Depths. I'm in it. Buy one. And another issue of your choice for only £10.00. It's a bargain. And don't you forget it.

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