Saturday, 5 July 2008


Hey, haven't I been here before? Didn't I used to write some sorta blog, or something? Is 'blog' the right word? Back in my day, 'blog' was shorthand for 'bolognese', but, then again, I remember when Dr Who wasn't camper than a row of tents.

So, how y'been? You look... a lttle tired. Shouldn't you be in bed at this hour?

Me? Well, I'm not too bad. I do, however,have a confession to make.

It may suprise you to know that I'm essentially a very shy person. Yes, really. I write under a pseudonym. I draw under a pseudonym. For all my burning desire for my stories and characters to dominate the world, I'm quite content to stay in the background. You won't be seeing me hog the red carpet when the Valentine Chronicles film premieres. I couldn't. I hate attention.

With this in mind, I'm deeply embarrassed to announce that the latest issue of Twisted Tongue magazine features an interview with yours truly (as well as the usual array of great stories and excellent value for money). It's a strange feeling. It makes me feel a little... exposed. Does that make sense? Is this, I wonder, what I can look forward to when my career takes off?

Is that part of parcel of being a writer? The ability to whore yourself without hesitation or shame?

I wonder if it's too late to employ a body double ....